sábado, 5 de fevereiro de 2011


When the sun is far away from the Earth and it doesn't heat up her with his candescent passion
The cruel winter embraces her, and digs his cold claws in her heart
And everyone run to hide of the winter, they hide them selves at their red casinos
With fear of seeing the merciless face of the winter, with fear of hearing his scream

The cold wind still singing the winter's song, wich brings the deep suffering to me
Oh, winter, if you know what is pain, if you ever know what is feel the death breath
If you still being a son of mother nature, let me live, please, go away

Just let this fire being live, to heat me, to make me feel alive, oh winter
C'mon, honey, sit next to me, next to the flames, let's wait this cold winter end...
Wait this cold winter end...

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